Thursday, January 13th, 2022

Well, here I am again…in a new year. I am sorry if you tuned in and got some crazy posts about gambling. That wasn’t me!! I will try to stay on task more regularly and keep that stuff off my blog.  (And thank you to Leigh and Jane for alerting me to the fact I was “hosting” info certainly not intended.)

Hoping you had warm  and happy holidays and you’re ready for a fresh start for this new year. I, myself, had lovely holidays, but sometimes have mixed emotions about the future of this year 🙃🤪😯!

So, I have been looking everywhere for signs…words, pictures, anything to point me in a positive direction. And, actually, my world abounds with signs!! I find them in the solved quotations of my cryptogram book, commercials on tv, book jackets, conversations with friends… They’re All over the place!

For my first post of the new year, I have chosen one I got from Jackie. She’s reading Chris Matthew’s new book, This Country.  In his book, he quotes Eleanor Roosevelt:

Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure.

You have no security unless you can

Live bravely, excitingly, and

Imaginatively.       (1961)

I LOVE this!  We don’t always think of our lives as adventurous…but we certainly could!

I think it has a lot to do with attitude. For me, a new recipe can be an adventure. Moving the furniture in my living room is our latest adventure. It’s amazing how this small thing can change your attitude and point of view.  We’ve had to rearrange our “stuff” too, and think about how we use it and do we need it?! (This adventure has lasted three days already!)

Okay, I’ll wind this up now and toast to YOUR new adventures!! Ciao for now!✌️🐥

Happy New Year!!

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One thought on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Welcome back!

    I don’t always like thinking about the future either….I’m afraid the end of the planet is coming, but having little ones around reminds me that change is inevitable and kids are resilient. They don’t have my frame of reference. They may adapt with the climate, politicians and viruses into the newer version of the human species. I don’t ever know what God has planned. The human spirit is full of creativity and their adventures are going to be AMAZING!! I jus know it.

    Until then, my adventure is pretty cool, too. Never a dull moment and surrounded by beauty if I just stay here in my own present surroundings. Going through the boxes in my room certainly aIdds to my adventure if I’m up for it, but I’m more about playing.

    Started a new puzzle on Machu Pichu. Going to grill outside today…


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