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Today is International Kissing Day!

Art and life give us countless examples of kissing, so I thought to celebrate this special day, I’d offer up some iconic images from the world of ART. I love the simplicity of Brancusi’s sculpture… and the golden splendor of Klimt’s Kiss…and the celebratory feeling of the sailor kissing the war goodbye!   

And I couldn’t resist these from my own photos: my nephew Ben welcoming baby Emma into our world with a kiss…and my great niece Anaya getting a graduation “I’m proud of you!” Kiss from her dad!

Here’s to lots more kissing for you and your loved ones! Celebrate happy moments, kiss away boo-boos, congratulate all the jobs well done, say  “Hello!” And add it to your good byes, too. Sometimes it makes a good ending to an apology…or a fitting intro to some constructive criticism. Kissing  can be so lovely…don’t be stingy!

Ciao! Patty ✌️🐥😘

International Kissing Day

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