Monday, June 14th, 2021  Post #76

My mother used to say that one of the biggest reasons she was able to maintain her sanity raising seven children was that she kept her sense of humor. I remember that she introduced me to the writing of Erma Bombeck…and how we laughed and appreciated her! One evening when I was in High school, I was reading Shalom Aleichem’s short stories. There was one about a mother with a bunch of kids, running around and making her crazy. As I read aloud how the Mother was screaming crazy things ( that she would never actually do) to threaten her brood into good behavior, we had tears running down our faces. My father was in the kitchen with us and didn’t understand how we could laugh at such “sacrilege!” That only made us laugh harder!! Sometimes humor is cultural…or gender-based, I guess!😂 like this…

And sometimes it’s not! Just remember we can All benefit from it!

Here’s to laughter! May it find it’s way to you! Ciao for now! Patty ✌️🐥😂

On the Subject of Laughter…

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