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When I heard  the biggest meat plant in the country had been  cyber-attacked, I decided to check out the grocery store before prices got too out of hand. I found a nice eye round roast on sale….Mmm ! Perfect for Steak Pizzaole, one of Jackie’s Mom’s recipes… an oldie but goodie. It’s really nice and tender enough to cut with a fork if you slice it very thin. The best way is to partially freeze it and then slice it. After you brown the meat in olive oil, and stack your pot with the layers of beef, oregano, garlic , tomato ….until you run out of ingredients, set it to simmer.

Next, peel your potatoes and put some frozen peas in a microwave dish. Make a nice green salad. Cut, salt, and cook your potatoes. Just before serving, zap your peas. I serve my Pizzaole on a mound of mashed potatoes and spoon a ring of peas around the edge.

It’s a keeper! Enjoy! Ciao for now! Patty?✌️

From Marie Somma’s Recipe Box

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