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The other night I watched a 2009 romantic drama starring Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart called, Love Happens. The movie is about a grief counselor who holds seminars to help others, but is sort of stuck himself. The movie plays with occasional voice-overs of  Eckhart’s charachter reading chapter segments from his book. So halfway through the movie, he reads about taking five minutes every day to just SMILE.  I thought this was just a great idea! Obviously, I am coming late to the realization that this advice was out there for at least twelve years. But, really, when it comes to good stuff: better late than never, I say!

The idea is that if you do this smiling exercise enough, smiling will become a default position and you’ll be happier. LOVE this! So the very next day, I had to drive to Tinton Falls to my printer and I decided to try it out. As soon as I started smiling, I felt lighter and less stressed. And I started letting my mind wander to all the things that make me smile. I did it again on the way home. I told Jackie about it. She tried it, too!  There’s a mirror hanging on the bathroom door in our hallway and I’ve been smiling at it every time I go by. Practice makes better. I’m looking forward to my new default position. This is a simple exercise well worth your five-minute investment. I hope you’ll try it!

Want something to smile about! Jackie’s cousin’s daughter gave birth to a baby boy today!! Baby Cooper weighed in at eight pounds, four ounces! Congrats to Kristin and John!! Here’s to miles and miles of SMILES!

Well, I’m smiling of thinking of you…Ciao for now! Patty ✌️???????


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