Friday, May 14th, 2021   Post #71

WOW !! I’ve been missing lots of days here on my blog, because I’ve been so busy!  I’ve been catching up on lots of artwork: hours of design work to create personal stationery for friends and relatives, a wedding invite with many steps of production, AND, of course the usual routine of exercise, cook, go to chiropractor, etc…Normal Life! AND, it was a really good week!

One of the good things that happened this week is my sister, who lives in Israel, flew to the states for a six week visit. She made it out just in time before they closed down the airports!! It is really scary over there. Rissi says everyone has a bomb shelter in their home, but it’s scary just the same. I know the battle over land in Israel has been going on forever, but I wish they could all live in peace.  I’m looking forward to more visits than usual with my sister, now that she’s here.

Okay, now on a lighter note… just in case you missed National Limerick Day on May 12th, I’ve been looking out for you and saved some to share.

Of course they’re food related! I’m still ME!

Okay, gotta get back to work…Ciao for now! Patty ✌️????

Busy Bees!

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