Post #69  May 6, 2021

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. Early in the day, I thought we could celebrate with our favorite “Mexican” appetizer and some lime flavored taco chips for dinner —- keep it simple. But by dinner time the appetizer was abandoned in favor of our favorite Mexican eatery …with our “amigas!” It was fun to be out and the place was super busy. But the whole crowd seemed friendly and happy to be there…and not a single frowny-face if they waited a little longer than usual to be served.  We were relieved the restaurant was doing so well and had “made it” through the worst of the pandemic and had a full house! Hooray! Ole! Wave your festive banners!!

I can’t help wishing more people had the same kind of positive attitude towards the border problem that they have for Mexican food. I can only hope the situation will improve.  We’ve had a long and complicated history of immigration policy in our country. But there has to be a solution if BOTH sides keep an open mind and good faith communication.

Returning  from dinner and tuning in to the news, I was suddenly delighted, hopeful, and filled with a sense of pride that our new president had announced he intends to commit to waiving vaccine patents. By waiving intellectual protections on the vaccines for covid 19, it will boost the supply of vaccine worldwide. And although there are many more steps involved—- teaching others how to make vaccines, helping other countries to resource materials and production supplies,etc.—- this is surely a step in the right direction. Putting humanity before  money, power, and politics and making the fruits of science available to ALL, is, to me, a fantastic global objective.  I am proud of Biden for taking this humane attitude. Yahoo! Wave those flags!!

Ciao for now! Patty✌️?????

Waving and Waiving

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