Post #68  Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

Okay, last night I told you I’d have a sneak preview… but it’s not a movie. It’s a peek at my new sneaks! I love them. As soon as I put them on my feet in the store, I had that sensation I got as a kid with new sneakers…that I would suddenly be able to jump higher and run faster!! Now, of course I do those activities only in my dreams! JUMPING? RUNNING? Actually, today I am lucky to be WALKING!

So, I’m getting older. The doc tells me I have lots of arthritis in my knees and ankles, so maybe I won’t be walking the entire Appalachian Trail. But yesterday, in my new Super Power Red Sneakers I walked through two grocery stores! They are just my speed. They are not boring. They are not “old lady” shoes. My new brace for my drop foot fits inside. And they make me feel happy. What more could you ask for in a shoe that isn’t ACTUALLY magical?

The truth is, lately, I’ve had time to contemplate this aging business. I am not completely comfortable with it. I have to accept that my life has changed. It’s still good, and I am doing my best to adjust to the changes, but some days I want things to be the way they were. So I feel lucky when a simple thing like red sneakers can make me smile and “walk on the sunny side of the street!” C’mon, walk with me…

Ciao for now! Patty ✌️???‍♀️

Happy Feet

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