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Tonight’s Oscar performance by Oscar the Grouch in a starring role in 50 Years of Sunny Days on Sesame Street is more appealing than last’s Oscar Award Show.  Don’t get me wrong, it had its moments, but the covid variety is not to my liking! I missed all the glamour and music and audience excitement. They didn’t have enough clips of the movies or the songs. And I wasn’t thrilled with the best picture winner. I had seen it and was sad for days afterwards. So it’s a good movie and it made me think, but I a want to see something more UPLIFTING! Maybe I am addicted to happy endings! There are plenty of movies with terrible conflict, sadness, loss, etc. but by the end there is justice …or a silver lining …or lesson learned, …experience gained.

However, the acceptance speeches, as always, had wonderful moments! Chloe Zhao’s recitation of poetry she learned with her father as a child growing up in China was simple… and perfect for the moment! “People at birth are inherently good.” When times are bad or even less than we hoped for, this is a mantra that works for her. I loved it! I also loved a recipient for an award for the animated movie, “Soul,” who thanked all the art and music teachers of the world. Being a former art teacher myself, I have often argued that art and music are sometimes the MOST important subjects for SOME children, but certainly vital for all children. So I felt seen and vindicated…YAY!!

There were many who spoke about the black experience in our country and the hate that seems to be spreading for so many who are “different.” It is great that celebrities who have a voice are coming out and raising their voices against the hate. Whoopi Goldberg’s one liner, “There is no harm in caring,” was another highlight for me. I enjoyed the whole segment on Tyler Perry and his humanitarian award. Wonderful! He takes his position of influencer very seriously and helps so many people.

It’s heart-warming and hope-inducing to hear the words of the stars pointing us in the right direction of caring about and respecting our neighbors. But we are also lucky to have had similar and persistent wisdom for more than fifty years from the Muppets! They’ve been teaching us how to live peacefully in our neighborhoods for a long time. They sing and dance. They’re adorable ( think Elmo!) and grouchy and silly and sad and smart. They are some of my favorite “Movie Stars!” They all deserve Oscars, too!

Tomorrow, I’ll have a “sneak preview.” Ciao for now! Patty ✌️??

Oscars and Oscar

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