Post #66  Wednesday, April 21st,  2021

Today, one of my closest friends and I were finally able to resume one of our favorite shared pleasures. Since our college days, we have gotten together as often as we could—-depending on our work and home obligations—- to drink coffee and “catch up.” We can talk about everything… our families, our feelings, our jobs, the world, what we love and what we hate or hope for, any and all topics. Last summer, we met once, outside, in her gazebo. As the pandemic raged on, we felt it wasn’t safe to meet again until today! (We and all our friends and family have gotten the vaccine.) We were together  in her beautiful kitchen, sitting at the table, drinking coffee. It was so good to catch up face to face!

It was a relief. It was so normal! It has been sooooooo long! I am so grateful for our friendship and IT did not suffer in the pandemic, but our hearts did. Phone calls and texts just cannot take the place of  savoring our coffee and the stories in person!

I hope you are being able to see more people and do your own catching up, rebonding,and doing “normal” things. Coffee Klatches promote peace of mind!  Go get some!!

Ciao for now! Patty ✌️?☕️☕️

Kitchen Table Coffee Klatch

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