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Today history was made in the courts. For some, it was a comfort, a relief,  that Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts. For others, it was a feeling of sadness that it took a nearly ten minute murder in broad daylight, filmed for the world to see to finally get a guilty verdict for the murder of a black person by a policeman. There have been so many horror stories for the black and brown people ( and, at the moment, Asian people, too) of our country that it seems to have finally come to a saturation point… I hope!

I myself was relieved today. I was so hoping that the peoples’ voices would be heard…all the marchers for nearly a year. All the mourners. I really liked Vice President Harris’s quote, “A measure of justice isn’t the same as equal justice.”  We can’t stop now. I hope this is just the beginning of true justice for ALL   Americans.

Watching the interviews this afternoon, I was quite taken by a “man on the street” type of interaction. The white man had come to lend his support on the mall outside the courthouse. When George Floyd was killed, he had suddenly realized his own privileged position in our society. He wants to do something, but doesn’t really know  WHAT to do. So, when black newscaster Brewster asked him what he was going to do about it, he explained, I googled: how does a white person help Black Lives Matter? Both men seemed to get emotional. At the end of the short interview, they reached out to shake hands. That little clip on the screen gives me hope that people can come together and change things …for the better.

Later on in the evening, I saw another clip of a 91 year old black lady and her reaction. She was relieved. With tears in her eyes, she said she couldn’t imagine HOW it could be otherwise, but being an African American woman, of course she COULD. She thought she would never see it happen in her lifetime. I’m so glad she did live long enough to see it. I hope she sees a lot more justice…


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  1. I was so happy with the outcome. Mo one should be treated the way George Floyd was. We have to stop the hate in this country that has gotten out of control the past few years. I hope this bring some healing to not only the family but America as a whole.

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