Post #63  April 15th, 2021

So… all I needed was the sauerkraut, and Jackie picked it up at the store yesterday. I really wanted to try the sauerkraut pie. It didn’t let us down. It’s delish!! We sent a piece to our neighbor Laura, whose background is Polish and Russian. She LOVED it! Home-baked comfort food. Too bad I didn’t get the kielbasa! You can serve it as a main dish… add a salad? Or, it can be a side…with ham or pork or sausages.

And, since I hadn’t satisfied my sweet tooth with the chocolate cake, I made that, too!  My simple dinner needed a dessert! So here is the chocolate cake made with mayo and coffee. There are several versions on line, complete with frosting recipes. I chose this one from the Joy of Baking site and added the cocoa cream frosting from my first and favorite cookbook:McCall’s. Mine is quite tattered, but has lots of basic recipes in a simple format.

Yummy! That’s it for today! Hope you’ve made something delicious for dinner, too! Enjoy!

Ciao for now! Patty ✌️????‍?

Sauerkraut Pie

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2 thoughts on “Sauerkraut Pie

  1. I will Render five stars to the sauerkraut pie. It was delicious , it was very good, very filling and very tasty. Definitely an unusual taste , Tangy!
    I will also attest to the chocolate cake. OMG that was heavenly. I just had another piece for breakfast. I do not want it to end. And I thank you for sharing your feast with me. A great benefit to being a close friend of yours who loves to cook. Just the type of friend that a “foodie” needs”. ???????

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