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Do you ever just want to stay home? And maybe do a lot of little things that don’t seem important ( to the world)… or maybe do nothing much at all?? I do! I do!

I’ve been restricting my movement somewhat, except for myriad doctor appointments, but today I decided to EMBRACE staying in/ doing not much. I’m having a great day! I examined closely my mail from Publishers Clearing House: a bill and a gazillion “offers” for things I may not be able to live comfortably without…like lavender scented cedar chips for my closets and drawers. I did pay my bill for the watermelon placemats I ordered last month.?

Then I replaced my empty set of checks with a new pad. This requires my cane and stepping down into the “porch,” opening the big drawer, finding my back up checks…everything is a process, but today I don’t mind. I’m taking my time because I don’t really have to do much of anything if I don’t want to. I am free in my own house!

When I start thinking about chocolate cake—- which our nephew’s beau mentioned at dinner last night, I remember a recipe I got from Jackie’s Aunt Chris. It was hand-written on a piece of lined note paper and entitled,”The Best Chocolate Cake Ever.” She got it from the man up the street from her in Bound Brook.I don’t know how I’ve resisted it all these years, but I come across it every once in awhile. WHY NOT MAKE IT TODAY?? Well, after going through three RECIPE NOTEBOOKS, my Campbell’s Soup recipe tin, and a box of “overflow recipes,” sadly I did not find it! So I texted cousin Dede to see if she had it, since Aunt Chris is now in heaven. (Dede might find it, but I already checked the internet for chocolate cake made with mayo.)

But the best thing about going through all those recipes is that it’s a total memory FEST!! Some are written in my mom’s hand-writing. ( She’s also in heaven.) Some came from my third grade students who brought in Grandma’s favorite recipe for Irish Soda Bread. I found a full-page article on dying Easter eggs with commercial dyes and/or organic items in your kitchen!! Another was a recipe for sour cream and horse radish that I got from my second grader’s mom…yummy with corned beef! My Russian potato salad with peaches and beets…it’s pink. Soon it will be summer and I’ll be making it again. Then I found one for sauerkraut  pie!! ( noodles, kraut, ricotta cheese, etc. in a spring-form pan!) After going through all my recipes, I transferred some to the tin. It has some faves and go-to’s  or oldies that sounded great and I’m going to try after my next trip to the grocery store.

Like I said, I’m having a GREAT day! Took a shower in the middle of the day, did some foot exercises…Is it nap time yet?… or shall I start a new book? Whatever you have to do today…or not, I hope you can be gentle to yourself.

When I try some of those rediscovered recipes, I’ll be sure to share. Meanwhile, keep the peace AND GIVE IT AWAY, TOO! Ciao for now! Patty?✌️?????

And This Little Piggy Stayed Home!

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2 thoughts on “And This Little Piggy Stayed Home!

  1. I dream for days like that. Lol..this afternoon in the pool after my massage and mani/pedi i was baffled once again by my friends who think retirement is boring. I could do nothing every day very well i think. And i surely would be looking more like that piggy!

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