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For the last nine  days, since my accident, I have been mostly ministering in some way to my battered body! Oy! Luckily I have Jackie’s help and good doctors and I will be fine very soon. But while I convalesced in my recliner, I had various thoughts about my experience and the  news of our world.

When I tripped in front of the bank last week, and my head hit the concrete and I started bleeding, two men came rushing over to pick me up. They got me steady and one ran to get napkins or  paper towels from his car…and then the second man did the same. These good samaritans were strangers to me. As I stood there tenuous and traumatized, my first thought was of another elderly woman I had seen in the news. She was Asian. She was severely beaten by a  very large man on the streets of New York—-while several people watched from the safety of their lobby. They didn’t even TRY to intervene!! And when the assailant strode off, they closed their door and moved further into the building…offering no aid whatsoever.  I was horrified by this newscast. And now, in my own distress, I realized that could have been my fate. Is it because I am an old, WHITE lady? Or because I live in a gentler place than the Big Apple? I want to think that The Whole country has not become racist, and that there are many people who are seeing this terrible trend and want to step out and speak up and write letters and March and DO something to change the tide of hatred. I believe everyone has the right to be treated as well as I am treated.

The photo at the top of this post is of my niece Mina’s beautiful, happy, innocent children. They are giving us the Peace Sign. We need to give THEM a sign. We need to see signs of peace in every community …to pave the way for these precious children to live in a safe and secure future.

Ciao for now, peaceniks…Patty ✌️?


Next Generation Peace Chicks

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4 thoughts on “Next Generation Peace Chicks

  1. Patty – I do think (have to believe) that there are many more of the good people, which is why your story wasn’t on the local news (thankfully). I remember a dear, loved family-by-choice member once told me “I don’t watch the news. If something happens that I need to know about, somebody will tell me.” Then you laughed your laugh and we moved on. Of course, that was years before all this recent garbage. I never was able to embrace that the way I should have but I hear it in my head very frequently. I am so thankful you are recovering. That story in NYC is horrendous but I really don’t think that is the norm. Your niece’s children are precious. Peace.

  2. Yes, that video of the Asian woman getting beat up was very disturbing. I hope for the future and am trying to raise my kids to help anyone they see in need, regardless of race. Love you guys always ?

  3. Patty first of all I am glad you are on the mend. I am so grateful those men were there yo help you. There is wsy too much hate in this world. My friend adopted 5 girls from Asia. The other day they brought some stuff to hoid will. The lady there was do rude yo the girls and even asked if they were citizens which they are. Why can’t ppl just stop the hate. The lord made us all different for a reason. There is good and bad in all. I just pray the works becomes more loving and let’s go of all the hate. Love you

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