Your fork should stand up by itself in filling.

Dont forget to grease your tray!

Okay, now for the making… Take one of your logs out of fridge. I slice mine into 16 slices about a quarter inch thick. Roll it out to something resembling a circle ( Judy uses a margarine tub lid) about 6” diameter, but nice and thin! Put a dollop of egg mixture in the center, fold over gently and crimp edges. Continue to fill tray. Then apply egg wash. I get 15 to a tray. They don’t spread much. Bake @ 375 for abou 35 minutes. Delicious fresh from the oven… with coffee or wine..breakfast, snack , whenever!!  And they freeze beautifully! I always put some away so Jackie doesn’t eat them all before Easter even gets here! We like to share with neighbors and friends and cousins…and….ciao for now! And I do mean CHOW!

Patty ✌️??❤️?

Part two Casciadilles

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