Post #58   March 31, 2021

Hi, this is Jackie writing tonight.  Patty’s eyes aren’t cooperating well.  I’ll explain in a minute.

Today is National Crayon Day!  Think colors, fun, moods, drama, decorating …

Today also, a friend emailed me some quotes from Charlie Chaplain and one especially spoke to me:  “The most lost day in life is the day we don’t laugh.”  In spite of some scary drama this day,  Patty found laughter – an uplifting ability she always has!

Wonderful news today – a healthy baby boy Diangelo, our great nephew and son of our niece Laila, was born! Baby and Mother are fine.  Another miracle joins our family!

Not so good news, and the reason for the scary drama mentioned above – Patty fell in front of the bank.  She landed hard  mostly on her left eye and the side of her face – lots of blood, immediate swelling, fear, ambulance, doctors – and lots of color moving around her eye and face – red, purple, black.  Soon there will be more colors like blue, green and yellow.  Thank God, and I mean that literally, she’s pretty good – looking rather gruesome but all in one piece, resting here at home.

The first laugh was from the EMT.  After he came to Patty, assessed the situation, and assured her that she was okay, he asked “What were you doing?  Trying to rob the place?”  The second laugh came from Patty herself, despite her condition, and because of the immediate and large bump above her eye: “Now I have an egg, just in time for Easter!”

Attitude, gratitude, laughter.

Night for now.  ✌️?Jackie

Color and Laughter

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