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Vincent Van Gogh was born this day in 1853. He only lived to age 37, creating masterpieces that were under-appreciated then…but today are recognized and loved the world over. He was not a happy person and suffered from his inability to connect to people. His brother Theo watched out for him, making sure he had enough yellow paint.  It’s long been amazing to me that he could create joy for others without getting a taste for himself. I am grateful he lived.

If he were alive today and just happened to drop by, like my cousins Dede And Tee, I would offer him fresh baked cascadilles! I bet he would like them! I baked them yesterday. My batch turned out 71 yummy egg and cheese (and back pepper!) “pastries.” It’s good to have a bunch, so we can share! Recipe and how-tos in tomorrow’s post! Ciao for now! Patty ✌️???‍?

Happy Birthday, Vincent!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Vincent!

  1. Thanks for the visit and mentioning us along with Vincent”s story. My Mom hung the flower painting in our home growing up. Good memories. ❤️

  2. When my children were in elementary school, dear friends started “Meet the Masters” in their school and I joined in later. VVG was introduced to 3rd graders by parent volunteers. We would read a book and then the students would do their version of Starry, Starry Night. I learned so much about many artists. I am glad to see this!!

  3. Love that guy. I’m glad he lived too. He msy not have been happy but I’m sure his painting brought him peace

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