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I’m back! And so is spring, thank goodness! The “Song of Solomon” is my favorite verse about earth’s rebirth and so I have included it above. I also wrote it on one of my Easter eggs, along with a painting of a bird’s nest. I finally feel like celebrating, so yesterday I painted some of my blown-out eggs I had saved in a tin years ago. (I’ve been re-purposing my back room—-which then made me reorganize my  art supplies—- which uncovered my tin of egg shells!)

You may have noticed I had gone off my blog for nearly two weeks. I suddenly didn’t feel like being bright and cheery when the daily news was getting so sad and dreary. I have said a few times before that I didn’t think I should be “political.” But I am finding it impossible to avoid entirely since my life and my feelings are definitely being affected by  what’s happening “out there.” It’s too much a part of who I am now, so I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I will be commenting more about the world and what’s going on—-especially here in America.

But, for today, I am happy to share my eggs-citing new paintings!! I used to do my eggs with water colors. This year, I’m trying Acrylics. ( They dry pretty quickly and there’s not so much danger of transferring paint around as you hold them!) I have always been awed by the beautiful eggs from some European countries with their expertise in pysanky…but I haven’t learned to do that…yet! I’ve seen demonstrations, but I don’t have the tools , so I haven’t tried it yet.

After painting the rest of my empty eggs, it will be time to bake all the traditional things we make here in our house: caszhadilles ( we really don’t know HOW to spell it!! It’s a family recipe from Jackie’s side)…sausage pie…( Jackie’s side again) and ciambellotta, from my side! I’ll be sharing these yummy recipes with you later this week. Promise me, though, that you’ll not say one word about your cholesterol levels. Can’t be helped. Easter comes once a year…Ciao for now! Patty ✌️?

Spring at Last!

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3 thoughts on “Spring at Last!

  1. Eggs are great! I was wondering about all the eggs from Easter past…love that passage up top, too. I love birdsong so very much and all the new blossoms that spring brings. I’m enjoying this spring lots! Very peaceful here in the mornings ?

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