Post #55  Saturday, March  13th, 2021

Here we are just a week away from Spring! Tonight we’ ll set our clocks ahead one hour. The idea that  we will soon welcome spring makes me smile.  I feel like it’s put a spring in my step. So I’m not worried at all about that lost hour of sleep! The whole earth is waking up!  I’ll wake up, too, just a little earlier!

We’ve been invited to dinner tomorrow at a friend’s. It’s Pi Day (3.14) so I’m bringing a pie! I chose a cherry cranberry pie. Looks good…hope it tastes good! It was “simple as pie” to make…especially since I cheated and used a store-bought crust! Whenever I want a new recipe, I go to the search engine on my phone and type it in. Up popped four recipes for cherry cranberry—-all very similar. Today, when I opened my phone to find the recipe again, I found another…and this one added orange zest…The Winner!

I’ve never been a math nerd, but I can get behind Pi Day because I love dessert! I only learned of Pi Day last year, so I’m very happy making it an annual  celebration. Perhaps next year I’ll try a Water Pie. I found this interesting recipe online, too. It sounds so weird, I just have to try it! I doubt if I can wait a whole year… so maybe one day soon…See what you think…

If you’re planning on observing Pi Day…enjoy with a yummy PIE of your choice!           Ciao for now!  Patty ✌️??

Spring Forward, Fall Back

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