Post #54   Friday, March 12th, 2021

This week has been so beautiful and sunny and warm, it’s hard NOT to think of flowers! Yesterday, at Trader Joe’s, I had the devil of a time choosing something to bring home and put in a vase, but I did manage after all: a bouquet of Baby’s Breath and some green-berried St. John’s Wort…perfect!

So for National Plant a Flower Day, I thought I’d uplift you with an idea we used  in 2014. We painted Forget-Me-Knots on one side of a small flower pot..and a white dove on the other side, as you can see above. We ordered 125 seed packets on the internet and then I wrote a little note to accompany the seed packets in the pot. But the note was “from” Peace herself! Here is what she wrote:

Peace did a lovely job on her message. I needn’t add a word!

Ciao for now! I will let you get on with sowing seeds of kindness! Patty ?✌️?

National Plant a Flower Day??

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