Post #52  Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Wow! Look at these cameras! Women aren’t the only ones who’ve come a long way! There have been so many —-just in our lifetime. That little brownie you got as a grade-schooler… the Polaroid with a flash cube on top… you’re first Canon—- a zillion models it seems! I never had a Nikon or any of those fancy attachments like a telephoto lens. But now, I rely on my iPhone for taking pictures of my life and everything in it! It’s amazing the progress we’ve witnessed, first-hand. And our cameras have helped us document OUR progress, too.

Whatever kind of camera you use, may you capture a TON of good times! Now, don’t forget to smile for the camera! Ciao for now! Patty✌️?

Ready, Set, Smile!

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