Post #51  Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

What a gorgeous day! It was sunny and warm enough that you didn’t even need a sweater!! Only twelve more days til Spring! So we had sunshine and meatballs. I made Swedish meatballs for the first time. They were good, but Jackie just informed me that Italian meatballs are BEST!!  Ha ha Just FYI, besides being National Meatball Day, today is also National Get Over It Day!

I’m glad I tried a new recipe, and so is Jackie. We try to stay open to new ideas and else will we know what’s out there? Swedish meatballs are yummy, but they won’t take the place of say turkey meatballs with lots of garlic…or Sicilian meatballs with golden raisins, pine nuts and lemon zest. Variety is the spice of Life! We want to try lots of things. We like exploring the food of many cultures. It’s interesting and makes life delicious.

I like the little saying at the top of this post. Every day offers us something. It might not feel like the best day, but we can learn from it. And if it’s a total loser, just Get Over It! As Annie sings…”The sun’ll come out tomorrow.” And you’ll have another day of happiness… or experience…or a learning opportunity…or a great memory.  Here’s to ALL your days! Ciao for now. I’ve done a lot of posting about food. I guess it is no coincidence that I like the Italian phrase for “See you later!” ( which is Ciao) I did tell you I like word plays, right? Patty ✌️?☀️?☀️?☀️?

Sunshine with a Side of Meatballs

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