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Happy International Women’s Day! In acknowledgement, I have posted my painting, “Apple Corps.” (I always enjoy a little play on words, so I took full advantage in naming my work.) The women’s hands are all different skin tones to represent many nationalities. The background is a “tablecloth,” like a quilt, with designs borrowed from various cultures. They’ve been eating apples and are putting the apple cores in a bowl.

Apples throughout history have symbolized many different things. Who hasn’t heard the story of Eve, being tempted in the Garden of Eden? I was taught that the apple symbolized knowledge. (Of course the older I got, the more that irritated me!! Why would women , especially, not be allowed to sample KNOWLEDGE??) There are other examples of the meaning of apples…sometimes it means love…or fertility. It’s a powerful symbol, no matter which meaning you choose!

Basically, what I want to share with my painting is that, in the interest of Peace, I hope that women worldwide will take their collective love and knowledge and use it to create change. All of us working together—- the entire Apple Corps—-can make our world a better place.

And one more thing…just a head’s up: tomorrow is National Meatball Day! I am telling you in case you want to shop for ingredients so you’re prepared. I’m going to the store in a bit. I’ve decided on Swedish meatballs and gravy…Mmmmm. OH! And while you’re out, you may want to pick up a pie shell? Sunday is 3.14. pi   (Otherwise known as Pie Day!)

Whatever you decide to eat…enjoy!  Apples, anyone? Ciao for now! Patty ✌️???


International Women’s Day

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One thought on “International Women’s Day

  1. Women have come such a long way in this country. We must never let anyone take away what we have fought so hard for. I love your idea for Swedish meatballs. You need to post that recipe. BTW you are an amazing women and I am proud that you are my cousin.

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