Post #49   Saturday, March 6, 2021

YET can be a powerful word. It is a good one for this month of March commemorating WOMEN.  We have come a long way for sure, but there are many milestones not made, more records unbroken, dreams not turned into reality…YET.

But, of course, all that will BE…in the not so distant future. Perhaps when our nieces or great nieces, or daughters and granddaughters are taking their places as world leaders. There’s just no tellin’… Maybe not yet, but SOON!

Take, for example, the story of little Vivian, from Little Rock, Arkansas who noticed that there were no girl soldiers in her brother’s cadre of miniature army men. She knew there were women in today’s army—- some of her friends had mothers serving! So she wrote to three toy company explaining that women in the armed forces were important and that they should be part of the toy Arsenal. One company agreed with her and started manufacturing toys depicting the women soldiers of the army, because , as Vivian explained, “They work just as hard as the boys!”

Somehow, Vivian has learned at an early age, that we women may have lots of gumption and guts…but we have to add ACTION to make our dreams come true!

Go, Viv! Ciao for now! Patty?✌️


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