Post #47  March 3rd, 2021

I got excited when I found daffodils at my grocery store this past weekend and bought a little bunch for $3.50.  Today I had to throw them away…sadly wilted. But last night my niece Hannah sent me these two photos of her two year old Tilly discovering crocuses popping up as they were walking down their street in the Bronx! Oh my! Tilly was full of wonder and surprise!! Tilly is always looking for bugs …or rocks…or anything interesting. Now she’s found “spring on the way!”

Hooray! Can’t come soon enough. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine —- two days in a row! ( I know the temperature leaves something to be desired, but it’s not snowing.) Seventeen days til the Spring Equinox! Stay hopeful! Ciao for now…Patty??✌️?

Harbinger of Spring!

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2 thoughts on “Harbinger of Spring!

  1. Wow ! Tilly got so big! And so beautiful! The joy of spring is brings so much hope and light to the darkness of drab, grey winter!
    “A joy shared is a joy made double”. English proverb.
    Thanks for sharing Tilly with us….
    Joy is mine to give and to receive.

  2. It was great seeing you and Jackie the other night! Thank you for the sock monkeys… second generation and full of love in our homes !

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