Post #44  Friday, February 26, 2021

My father used to say, “Ah! It’s tough to get old!” Then he’d laugh, after some self-deprecating example of how he was feeling old. Humor is certainly one way to get through some of those days!! When I talk to my father’s second wife, she reminds us we are still young. She is 94…so compared to her, we are younger, yes. (But saying we are young is a stretch!) I think what Charlie is really saying is that we can stay younger if we don’t keep saying, “We’re old now…” And I think she’s got a point. Sometimes we just need to change our perspective to feel better. Finding humor in our situation can make us feel lighter, too.

The above cartoon made me laugh, because filling all those little pill dispensers takes a LOT of time…more time the older I get! I love the play on words. Ah! Laughter, the best medicine. One more example below. Enjoy…Ciao for now!  Patty ✌️??

On Aging

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