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That’s our dog Sully. She is named after us: the  “S” comes from Jackie’s last name and the “ully” comes from my last name. She is almost 12 years old and has been a great dog —-until about a year ago. She has become a total scavenger!! She is hungry all the time and constantly in search of food. We have her on a pretty strict food plan because the vet told us she should not overeat because of her size and breed (cockapoo.)

So we try not to leave food where she can reach it. However, on Monday, as I was organizing my work space, I put some of my shrunken apple heads in a box and set it on the floor… thinking of it as “craft.” When I went into the kitchen to straighten up before I started on my project, Sully, apparently, had a different idea. She thought shrunken apples with cloves for eyes and wire and pearls for teeth would make a good snack!! She had eaten two heads when I got back to the porch. She was busy on a third when I grabbed it. Oy!!

Long story shorter, Sully is back home tonight from the pet hospital. They were able to do an endoscopic procedure , rather than a full-fledged surgery to remove the one inch piece of wire in her stomach. She should be all better in a few days.( Our bank account will not be feeling better for a couple of MONTHS!!)

While we waited to hear what was happening there were a few tense moments. Fear and anxiety can be such powerful emotions and stop us in our tracks. But, luckily, we can help each other through days like this. Jackie reminded me that I often say, “It’s only money!”  When she asked me what I thought Sully was doing last night, I told her she was fine and probably napping. Today we managed by staying busy. Jackie was on the phone for hours checking up on electric bills and making doctor appointments for friends in need. I threw stuff out, first step in turning our back room into a den instead of a  “black hole!” A very good friend always says that when life gets crazy, you have to just put one foot in front of the other. DO the next right thing. It’s only Wednesday, but’s it feels like a whole week went by! But we came through it! Yay!!

And there is more GOOD news…Last night my godchild gave birth to her second child, a son! Congratulations to my friends…and Welcome baby Landon Jacob! Such wonderful news!! On that happy note, I bid you all…Peace. Ciao for now…Patty✌️?

When Life Gets Crazy!

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One thought on “When Life Gets Crazy!

  1. Congratulations on the arrival of Landon Jacob!!! I am so happy for you!

    I have another story about the time our dog was on prednisone and hungry all the time. All I will say is be careful if you have advil in a bag or purse. We had a happy ending for her but it was scary. She was able to find it even though it was not really accessible. A determined dog. xoxo

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