Post #41   Monday, February 22nd, 2021

In that twilight time just before sleep overtakes me…OR…in the morning when my dreams are dissipating and floating away—- every once in awhile I get an IDEA! These are usually good ones, so I keep a pen and pad on my bedside table so I won’t forget by morning… or by the time I brush my teeth! I start formulating a “thing” and then I start writing my jingle or poem on the spot  (which is why I need the pen and paper.)

When I shared this one with Jackie, she right away started making a list of where we could get the keys: family, friends, people at work, doctor’s offices. She would ask everyone for keys they had that they no longer knew what they belonged to. (Yes, we are not the only ones who don’t throw them away—- just in case… ) For ten or eleven months Jackie asked for and collected over 100 keys. Our friends and family are nothing if not cooperative!!?

Jackie usually types up the jingle and then we take it to the printer. After it’s copied and cut, and holes are punched, it’s ready for assembly. That year I found some cute little heart-shaped buttons at the craft store. We strung them with the keys and they were ready for giving. If only PEACE were this easy to accomplish.

You can help by passing on the ideas or pictures you see here. Share my blog with friends and …friends of friends! Spread the word! Peace be with Y’all! I think obtaining peace could be a little like the Think System. The more we put it out there with kind words and smiles and hand-shakes…and listening and sharing… the more it will grow. If we keep doing it, and acting it out, it’s Much More likely to “catch on.”

What we can’t do is give up. It’s like I wrote in my jingle:

Peace…It isn’t dead yet…It’s what we’re all about

It’s locked in your heart…So…Just let it out! (And then pass it on!)

Okay, that’s all I’ve got today.  Ciao Peaceniks! Patty ✌️??


An Oldie but Goodie from 2004

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