Post #38  Wednesday, February 17, 2021

It’s easy to grow flowers when Life is going well, harder when Everything goes “down the toilet,” or when you can’t  even flush your toilet!! Watching the news tonight , I couldn’t help but feel grateful for my warm home, the hot shower I took after exercising, food cooked on my stove, cold water from the fridge, everyday conveniences that millions of people are without  right here in America! The winter storms are causing havoc!! The grid in Texas is down…completely! It’s creating severe problems for people just like me and you. Yes, I’m feeling truly grateful for my own personal safety. I only pray all those who are freezing tonight will soon be rescued.

Some other news tonight focused on our mission on Mars tomorrow. Sometimes I wonder why we are OUT THERE trying to conquer other planets when we haven’t really gotten things in focus here at home. But, I think tonight, rather than letting this seed of thought grow…or getting caught up in the weeds, I will just go back to feeling grateful for all that I have.

One other thing I am grateful for is this little blog “project” of mine. It has been so cool to reach out and share. I love the comments some of you have written or the texts I’ve gotten in response to posts. Some of you are even sharing among each other in the comment section. I sit here at my iPad and share ideas with you, and let them go… sending them out to the Universe! I feel like the Universe is smiling back at me!  So thank you, my readers.

Peace be with you. Patty ✌️??❤️?


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3 thoughts on “Gratitude…Again

  1. I still keep the pink book close at hand even if I don’t read it every day! Like everything else in my life gratitude seems to come and go sporadically. As I age I try to be kinder to self and others; I claim only semi success! Always I am grateful for the reminders of how to bring peace and gratitude into this day. Gracie abundanza!

  2. I love the blog and am only behind because I really want to sit and read your posts, not gloss over them. (A time when I am open to making perfect the enemy of good). What was holding me up during a time when I rarely leave the house? Grown children visiting from Texas (all good for them), shoveling snow (and being thankful to be able to do that) and my ability to overuse parentheses, apparently. xoxo

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