February 15th, Post #36

My sister Rissi lives in Israel in a place called a moshav. (It used to be a commune.) When the pandemic struck about a year ago, she had to shelter in place there, too. At the time, she was busying herself with quilts. (You can see one above.)She had some new babies being born into her extended family and she was happily designing lovely quilts.

One morning she called me and said she thought she’d like to take up painting…..and asked if I would give her art lessons via zoom? I really didn’t want to, and told her she could learn anything she wanted from the internet. “Go on Pinterest,” I told her. So the very next week she started sending me one or two paintings a day! All on her own, she became an artist!  My friends here in my village were aghast! “What do you mean? She just started? Just like that? I’ve been taking lessons for years….”

My sister is determined, focused….and multi-talented, I am happy to report. I want to share some of her paintings with you. Perhaps she will encourage you to pick up a brush, too? She enjoys it so much and some days that’s all she does. (I asked her if she cleaned house or cooked anymore! Yes, when she can fit it in.? We’re both good with leftovers!!?)

The pandemic has been long now, and dominating our time and space, but we can still grow. We must bloom where we are “planted.” There are many paths to peace of mind.  Which path will you take? This bowl of fruit came today via what’s app!

Ciao for now! Patty ✌️??

Artistic Outlet #2

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4 thoughts on “Artistic Outlet #2

  1. Oops! So sorry, Rissi! I was thinking kibbutz when I wrote commune. I even thought of what you said about it being an agricultural community and didn’t want to go into too much history. I mostly wanted to show off your paintings!!

  2. They are beautiful!!! She definitely had talent before the lessons just didn’t quite realize it? Really pretty paintings

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