Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Remember him? That’s Professor Harold Hill, the Music Man! He invented the “Think System.” It’s a marvelous thing. I use it all the time. Whenever I have a project or an idea, I start thinking about it. I envision it. Then I envision it ANOTHER way…and another way…and so on. I keep thinking til I think it will work. This process may take a day…or a week! (Or longer!?)

For example, I had a sewing project this week. I am not an accomplished “seamstress.”  (I recently had to go on my phone to see how to rethread  a bobbin!) But I have determination and the Think System! So I was able to create a better dust ruffle for our bed. The old one kept sagging and falling off. We really need a dust ruffle to hide all the things we store under the bed. (Typical for a small place with limited storage, we have those “flower pot” style lifts, so we can fit MORE Stuff under there. This, of course, creates the need for a longer dust ruffle!!)

It’s done. It took me two days, but I did it. Thanks, Professor Hill…you’re a genius!

I offer this to anyone who has a project that seems intimidating. YOU CAN DO IT! Keep your sanity. Keep the peace. Ciao for now….Patty ✌️??

The Think System

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3 thoughts on “The Think System

  1. Isn’t great the stuff we can remember from so long ago because our brain wasn’t crammed and cluttered with drama and overstimulation due to technological progress? I am so glad we learned to think and imagine and create. Can’t wait to see the dust ruffle.

  2. Wow! I did not know that!!! I can’t believe I lived this long and never heard of Professor Hill and the Think System. Thank you.

  3. One of my favorite movies!!! The think system reminds me of positive thinking or choosing to be optimistic. That might seem like a stretch but I do feel they are similar. Maybe my enjoyment from the movie helps me to be positive??!!

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