Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Someone sent me this quote the other day and I just wanted to share. Sounds like good advice to me! Below, find some more trees to enjoy while you ponder the sane message above. Ciao for now…Patty ✌️??????


Top  is a painting of Coconut Palms by Jackie’s cousin T. Joseph. The black and white photos come via Google image. The Coconut Palms near the bottom were painted by me a few years ago in Florida.

Advice From a Tree

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6 thoughts on “Advice From a Tree

  1. Little Willow

    “We shouldn’t plant trees to grow seeds.
    We should plant seeds
    to grow trees”.

    Love your Advice from a tree and the coconut palms.

  2. Reminds me of retreats at Kateri 1,000 years ago. The first no make-up challenge. The resistance, the fear and finally that moment of recognizing startling beauty, realizing how f*ing gorgeous we were? To a woman. Years and walls melted away. Is it wrong that I am more than content with my natural beauty? 😉
    Dig the chicks ☮️

  3. Trees have been a symbol of peace in my life since i was a very tiny girl. I love everything about them and all the different kinds. Great sign and pics. I have a card I’ve kept for years that Annie gave me with a poem about a willow, and the way i remember it is comparing itself to a woman…it’s about taking all the world can dish out but bending rather than breaking. Did you see the Disney movie Pocahontas?? Grandmother Willow is the wise one she goes to…the elder in the tree.

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