Monday, February 8th, 2021

The expression “monkeying around” comes from the way monkeys play: they don’t accomplish much, but they have a lot of fun.  I happen to think monkeying around is important. Some days my artist’s soul craves it!  It’s when I do some of my best thinking!  It makes me feel creative…and yes, it’s FUN!  In the case of making monkeys, you can see for yourself how it turns into fun for others, too.

In college, one of my most important classes was a seminar twice a week with our mentor Claire Schulman. I thought she was the greatest. My major was early childhood education and we did a whole unit on children’s literature. (Kiddie lit as opposed to kitty litter…sometimes I can’t help myself!) Anyway, Ms. Claire taught us how to make sock monkeys. It was a vital part of my training that I use all the time…to this very day. That is exactly how I spent my day today: making a sock monkey!

We have a bunch of babies being born into our family soon, and every one is getting a cute, snuggly monkey. Several of them are second generation. My godchild has one, and now her babies have them. My nieces and nephews (most of them) had one as babies and now their children will have one. I used to make them with my students, and have a few moms come into the classroom to help us, and some of those kids are grown up now and getting their monkeys out their mom’s attic and freshening them up for their  babies. IT’S A MONKEY FEST!!

Just like real apes, my monkeys have evolved over time. I started with the traditional SEARS brand men’s work socks. Now I find it more challenging and more interesting to play with more exotic socks. There are some cool socks out there! The variations are endless!

I still have the directions printed up…if you’re interested. Hope you have a good day “monkeying around” your favorite way …at least once in awhile.

Below you can see my favorite monkey. She lives with us. Ciao for now! ✌️???

Monkeying Around

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