February 6th, 2021,  Super Bowl LV Eve

Tomorrow is a big, celebratory contest. People love choosing up sides, rooting for their team, some rooting against the other team. There’s actually been a lot of that going on lately…hint, hint. But no matter the game or the final results, Monday morning will come and we all have to go back to “regular life.” And regular life should be as good as we can make it!  We need to be the best we can be and get along with each other. Team Spirit, esprit de corps…in any language it’s a good thing! Get in the spirit, join the team,

Color us happy!

Enjoy the game! Ciao for now! Patty ✌️???


Colorful Team Players

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5 thoughts on “Colorful Team Players

  1. Hi Patty and Jackie! I finally tuned in to your blog. You know I’m not one for online, email etc. But I love you two! And I love that fabulous box of 64 crayons, my favorite! Besides the great message of diversity, I just love all that color! Thanks.

  2. The Many Faces Of Paradise
    The many faces
    of paradise
    I saw them all today!

    I saw them
    On their bikes, on the street,
    In the supermarket,
    On the always crowded, overcrowded
    1-4 Freeway.

    They were disguised as
    Ordinary folks,
    Folks like you and me,

    Living their normal lives
    On just another ordinary
    Costco, iPhone, go to work,
    Fill up the tank day.

    The many, many, many
    Faces of paradise.
    I saw them all today.

    Poem by Robert Bernstein

    I love your theme of diversity. All different but not alone, we need the “team”, one for all and all for one!
    Yea! Go team!

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