February 3, 2021

Today I visited a dear friend, a 40 year old young man I have known for 32 years!  He showed me an essay written by his 12 year old daughter about the power of peaceful, non-violent protest efforts to create change.  It was so thoughtful, well written, encouraging and hopeful!

I would like to think that she takes her thoughts seriously.  I am grateful to the teacher who gave her that assignment.  I am so excited to think that young people are wanting and moving toward a more joyful world that is peaceful, kind and inclusive.

I pray that we all take the time and find ways to teach our children about joy, peace, justice (and injustice), inclusivity, compassion and the possibilities that come from speaking out, being brave, and acting on our beliefs.

I am feeling hopeful today, thanks to Veronica.

”Pace e Bene,”  Peace Chick # 2 (Jackie)



Young People Give Me Hope

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3 thoughts on “Young People Give Me Hope

  1. Today is first day back on your site. So happy to read different posts. Uplifting,hopeful, and so you! Miss you my friend. When we are able to be with people, my first run will be to my grandkids , for long awaited hugs and kisses. Next friends, so watch out. , that’s your group. Stay safe and healthy..

  2. I can never get enough of young people. Such regreshing ideas, and tis latest batch does seem to be more interested in social justice and reform….thank goodness! You had a hand in that when you helped mold her dad. I love the village people ?

  3. Love this Jackie (and Patty:)) Couldn’t agree with you more…praying this generation will be brave to stand up for what they believe in while being respectful to those who may have differing beliefs/opinions! ☮️

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