The squirrel is from a page in my journal, illustrated by Marjolein Bastin. The pretty snow scene is a Christmas card.

February 1st, 2021

Ah, SNOW! Now that I am older and retired, it holds the same excitement it had when I was a child. During my working years, my best friend and I would consult after a forecast for snow and put our Jammies on inside out, go to bed and pray for a snow day!! ( We were teachers and a snow day was a delicious luxury—-a free day!) Now, during the pandemic, it still feels special. It gives me a new perspective:We’re not staying in because we’re maintaining social distance…we can’t go out to the store because it’s snowing!

Before the snow, it was brutally cold. So I kept myself busy one day cleaning out my pantry and hall closet, basically reorganizing. That’s how I knew I had three cardboard canisters of oatmeal! So what do you do on a snow day? Bake a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies! Yum! I also made pea soup. Perfect!

Some of you I know are watching grandchildren. Others are still raising your little ones. I have two snowy day suggestions: 

The Snowy Day, a Caldecott winner, by Ezra Jack Keats…simple story for youngsters, with bold, colorful poster-like art. You may recognize it from a popular stamp a few years ago. The other is a movie from 1982. It’s available from Amazon as a DVD. It tells the story of a boy and a snowman. No words…just delightful music and pictures drawn with colored pencils. I have watched it MANY times and it never loses its charm. It’s called The Snowman, by Raymond Briggs.

And now one last timely quote from Khalil Gibran:

Kindness is like snow.

It beautifies everything it covers.

That’s all for me today. Stay warm and safe. Ciao for now!  Patty ✌️🐥❄️☃️❄️


A Snowy Day

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2 thoughts on “A Snowy Day

  1. I love that book and snow…it does beautify, but it’s too cold for me these days. Pictures wre great! Lol..
    I saw a squirrel on my new street and it made me feel so happy!! Seemed forever since I’d seen one hopping by. I have birds here and some butterflies too, but mostly doves. I miss my songbirds. Thinking about a feeder…hmmmm.
    Maybe I’ll go make some oatmeal cookies..😋 yum.

  2. Snowy days! Love them now that I’m retired. Remember my car getting buried in Brooklyn and struggling to dig out hoping for “kids” to come help!
    I can sit back, smile and watch the birds feeding from my feeders. No where to go. How nice. Now to my paintings…… of old doors from Italy and Greece . 👩‍🎨

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