January 29th, 2021

Today I want to talk about gratitude, another one of those things I do not want to live without. I will start with Kirby. He is one of our charming, smart, inquisitive great-nephews. He is a happy person, who, on any given day, might tell you it’s the BEST DAY EVER!! I am grateful for him in our lives. He showed his gratitude recently with the picture above—-part of his thank you note for his birthday gift. It is a picture of his hand with little brown fingers holding the slime—- the green stuff oozing between his fingers. (He learned how to draw it on the internet.) I love that …#1. He sent a thank you note!  #2. He illustrated it. #3. He’s already practicing self-expression in many ways! His parents encourage this and I am grateful for them, too. Kids need guidance and direction … so they can build good habits that will carry into adult-hood.

Thank you notes are one of those good habits. Lots of people today have their kids make phone calls or send texts —- which is better than nothing—- but not the same.  (Every year I am tempted to not send another birthday card with $ inside …if I don’t get an acknowledgement of some kind. But I haven’t done it yet. I keep hoping early training will kick back in.) Arthur And Vivian And their mother Molly all send us lovely thank you notes, and we LOVE getting them! This year, when Molly addressed the envelopes, 7 year old Arthur wanted to do it himself, and put the note in before mom could check it. She was relieved he had indeed put them in the right ones, but I think we would not have been upset if we got the wrong one! The important thing was that she is teaching him an important life skill (in my opinion.)

So…getting back to gratitude…Last night I got a text from Charlie, my dad’s second wife. She had gotten bulbs from her son for Christmas and they had bloomed into a gorgeous amaryllis! Just beautiful! What a lovely gift for the “cold weather blues” of winter. Even the photo cheered me up! So, thank you, Charlie! And thanks to her son Stephen for his thoughtful gift which will enrich All of us! Oops! This site won’t let me post another photo. Too long-winded today? I’ll post it in a separate post. Ciao!✌️?


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2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. “Love is the way I walk in gratitude” ( a course in miracles, lesson 195). When we walk in gratitude we leave all judgment aside. Judgment is the key element of the ego system. Bypassing the ego thought system leads us to the way of the Holy Spirit , to Love.
    Today, let’s lay aside anger , resentment and all grievances. In experiencing right minded gratitude we experience an aspect of our True Self. It is there we find peace.
    Go in peace,

  2. Great post Patty! That picture by Kirby is amazing but i wasn’t a huge fan until i read the translation…then it becsme beautiful! What a great kid he is, with a smart thoughtful mommy, just like Molly. Thank you for your shares here. Xo… i am grateful for you and Jax.

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