January 26th, 2021

”Love is at the root of everything…Love or the lack of it.”

Fred Rogers was awesome. He lived his message. In my opinion, he was the ultimate Peace-Nik!  When he debuted on television in 1968, determined to give children tools to manage their world, I was already in college. So I did not meet up with him til much later. My brother David watched him though. And there have been days when I was feeling down and David has been known to sing me, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” (He knows all the words. It always makes me feel better!)  Nowadays, I really have to BEG for this favor, and sadly he usually declines. But now I know the words myself…available online. We’ve also purchased several videos of his life story.

His message of acceptance is so simple …(but not easy!!). He has a special song:

I like you as you are…Exactly and precisely as you are…

This is so loving. Imagine if we actually lived like this, accepting each other. It would certainly contribute to the PEACE of the world!

Fred believed in loving your neighbor and yourself…certainly not a radical concept!! Isn’t that the Golden Rule?? When will we start following that one?

Okay, I don’t need to go on and on. There’s plenty of information about Mr. Rogers out there. You can even find his old shows on TV! But I have two more morsels from his repertoire of lovely thoughts.

1. Feelings are mentionable and manageable.

2. There’s a lot of slow space, but no wasted space.

And after recently watching a film on his life on PBS, I am making signs for my kitchen and pantry:  Fred loved this number. He weighed himself every day and he weighed 143 pounds his entire adult life. He also uses his “Rogers numerology” this way: “I” is one letter, “love “ is four letters, and  “you “ is three letters …so 143 means, “I love you.” I want to hang it in my kitchen and pantry to help me love myself better, too. I would like there to be less of me! It would be healthier for me, so 143 is my new goal weight.

Thank you, Fred Rogers, for your new inspiration. Your messages are still helping!

Ciao for now, All you other Peace keepers!  Patty ✌️??

Mr. Rogers

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3 thoughts on “Mr. Rogers

  1. When I was a pretty-teen and teen, I think I made fun of Mr. Rogers (not the man as much as the show) since it seemed so simple and a tad strange (the Queen in the Land of Make Believe comes to mind). However, it would still catch my interest when he ran segments on how things were made and you could sense the goodness of his message and attitude. As an adult, and after watching two documentaries and the dramatization with Tom Hanks, I appreciate how dedicated, focused and radically loving Fred Rogers was. A quiet force for good. Some of his segments made such a statement and set such an excellent example…the one with Fred singing with the little boy in the wheelchair and sharing the cool water of his baby pool with the postman come to mind. I never knew about the significance of 143. That’s a nice thing to keep in mind. Thank you!

  2. That was supposed to say pre-teen, not pretty teen! Haha! I don’t recall thinking I was pretty when 11 or 13, but I bet Fred Rogers would have told me I was just right!!!

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