January 24th, 2021

I am SOOOOO tired of covid. I want to throw a tantrum!! I am sick of the arguments over mask wearing, and the vaccine and not seeing my family, and all of the news reports that make me cry, hearing the numbers of people who have died. It’s wearing me down…me and everyone I know! I also appreciate how lucky I am that no one in My family has been seriously ill.

And I miss hugs. No matter how hard I try to remember how so many people are so much worse off than I, sometimes it is STILL “all about me.” There have been two babies born into our family since covid intruded into our lives. Baby Shai is eight months old today and I’ve never held him! Luca will be one year old next month, and we haven’t been able to hold him either. Compared to families who have lost loved ones, I know this seems like “ small potatoes,” but it has an effect on our emotional well-being!

This morning I woke up at 5:30… too early for me…ha!ha! But instead of falling back to sleep, missing hugs was on my mind and I kept thinking … going through the list of my favorite huggers. Ah! And I thought, how can I turn this sleepless patch into something good?  I came up with a new slogan:

H U G S… Help Us Gather Soon

I imagined making posters on sticks and putting them in the potted plants at the mall and tacking HUGS signs to telephone poles at all the local traffic lights, and painting HUGS on old sweatshirts and tees and wearing them so people would ask me what it stood for! I’d tell them it means we want HUGS and we all have to work together to make it happen…

And then I finally went back to sleep….

HUGS and H.U.G.S.

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8 thoughts on “HUGS and H.U.G.S.

  1. I am in a high risk category and yet i have been collecting hugs whenever i can. I remember several times over the years telling people i was not a big hugger..just a wave and smile from a distance was fine with me with most people, but as with many things, you don’t realize the impact something had on your life until it’s gone. I know that human touch is essential for growth, so during covid i have been sure to keep up with massages with masks, take baths sometimes instead of showers and just go slow and relax. I have also been more mindful of applying lotion more lovingly on my neglected limbs. It all seems to help me remember that connection we’re missing. And of course, i hug my girls and grandkids and kitties. Sending a big virtual hug to you! Xo

  2. Hey, my friend. HUGS – big ones – to you and my bridesmaid! So glad to see you are doing this blog! It is creative, fun and interesting to those of us who know and love you. I am so sick of this too….especially missing those baby hugs! Our youngest just turned 1 and has learned how to kiss through and ipad…not the same!! I am watching Jenn’s kids so she and Ryan can stilll have jobs! But man, this virtual learning is hard….have been doing 1st and 3rd grade math for a long time now and am about ready to scream! Why is math so crazy now?? And why do they have to create all these bizarre ways to do it? I have to occasionally look at my phone to figure out some of these problems! Embarrassing, for sure! Just add and subtract and make it simple!

    anyway, that’s my frustration with COVID. But, like you, I count my blessings every day. It is so wonderful to see Biden and Kamala do their work! And, by the way, I am in love with Jen Psaki!!

  3. Hugs and more hugs to you too.., miss the physical contact also. Who’d ever think we’d take something so easy and simple for granted! I’m grateful I have my kitties, although I can only pet and hold one out of three.
    H.U. G.S tee shirts, I’ll buy one!?

  4. Sending HUGS your way! I have pandemic fatigue. Looking forward to being able to feel comfortable seeing family and friends so we can HUG soon.
    Zoom is fine but nothing replaces in person contact ❤️

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