January 23rd, 2021

Jackie and I have been retired for years. We’ve had lots of time to explore our individual interests. Jackie is an avid reader and now she’s working hard at learning Spanish online. I like cooking and painting. I’m currently working on a wedding invitation.

But many of our younger friends and family members are still working. Those who work have definitely been affected by covid. They are either stressed out by having to go to work outside their home…or maybe stressed out by not being able to leave home!! It’s not being easy, no matter who or where you are. So people are doing interesting things to better cope. Let me share one today…

My sister Mary lives in Florida. She is in the process of moving…Aaaaaah?unpacking, painting,?trying to work during the day at her real job, and then she works 2 nights and  all day Saturday at another job. Her work has become mainly phone work, so she is sitting and confined. One night last week, she said the phones were slow, and she moved over to a corner and just sat and did some of her multi-media art. She said it lifted her mood right away. She wasn’t so tired. It lifted mine, too! So now, I want to lift YOURS, too…I find her work joyful and celebratory…and if nothing else COLORFUL!    Isn’t it cool? Exhausted as she was feeling at the start,

she wanted to express all the other feelings she was having, too. She’s grateful for her new home, work to pay for it, energy ( and maybe wings or a cape to “get the job done!)

I don’t like to interpret art, but this is fun even if you just want to look! She can use art to take a break, get refreshed, change her perspective , and just get refocused. It’s something YOU may want to try…even if you’ve never done it before. (More about that in another post!)

One thing to keep in mind: it’s easy to get started on a project that can uplift you if you have materials you could use and they are readily accessible. You can put a collection of glitter and glue and markers and scissors and paper in a shoebox. Add a magazine and you have the fixin’s for a collage…(just sayin’…)  Keep it handy and you’ll be ready when the spirit moves you!

Maybe you don’t want to DO art. You can get de-stressed by looking at other people’s art. Whichever you choose, hope  you can decompress…

Ciao for now! Patty ?✌️???‍?

Artistic Outlet #1

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3 thoughts on “Artistic Outlet #1

  1. Great post Patty. I find comfort and relaxation in turning an old piece of un-used wood into something useful (for what-who knows) and if nothing else keeping my mind and hands insync. Oh, thanks for yesterday’s soup recipe. Anxious to cook up a pot.

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