January 20th, 2021

Well…Finally! What a great day! What a beautiful celebration of American democracy!  Very emotional ….and a long time coming.

I woke up this morning thinking about a good friend of mine. Shermie lives in a cool little “back house” at the beach. It is a welcoming place full of mementos of her life and her very professional photographs. She has a wonderful eye for placement and the walls of her home are something I study every time we visit.

Despite many obstacles in her life, Shermie is tireless in her role of doing good for others. For years she has worked full-time and performed acts of civic kindness and service like: running Bike Ride fundraisers,  cooking for the needy, and this year collecting toys and puzzles for families who are home-bound during this endless covid confinement. She thrives with lots of things on her plate. She’s one of my heroes !!

So…back to her home. My favorite thing on her wall is a sign that reads:


I love it. Simple. To the point. I think there are a lot of people—- more than I realized, who are not embarrassed to say, “Nice matters.” I think it is why Joe Biden is our new President. It makes me happy. I feel grateful and my heart is more peaceful tonight.

I hope you feel better, too.

Here’s to a brighter future with more Truth!

Ciao for now…Patty ✌️?❤️?

Nice Matters

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5 thoughts on “Nice Matters

  1. Nice MATTERS!! ?✨?
    Loving the blog. Helped me remember to cook yesterday, when my nerves and mood dipped. Thanks Peace Chicks!

    Happy Historic Inauguration! Im so happy about Joe, but overjoyed ? about VP Kamala. Feels good to feel happy today. ✌?

  2. Inauguration was beautiful. It gave me hope of what America can be as we continue to make it more perfect as we work together. To experience for the first time like no other an inclusive inauguration that included all cultures and all walks of life together sharing the hope of the bright light ahead for all Americans

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