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8 thoughts on “My Inauguration Cake

  1. Hi! I am actually taking tomorrow off to watch Joe become president. My mom adored him so I am watching this for her. Your cake looks wonderful! Sending you both hugs

  2. Cake looks delish, and if you made it I’m sure it is! Love you both and so grateful the Orange is spending his last night in the White House

  3. Hi Patty,
    Love your election cake tradition! Thanks to Jackie for sending me the link to your blog. Hope you guys were able to see the Covid memorial ceremony this evening. Simple, beautiful and inspiring.

  4. Hey Patty , so happy to be able to follow you and glad we are all like minded!
    Your cake looks yummy!
    Hoping that tomorrow goes smoothly! Happy, hopeful new beginnings??

  5. Is that a sour cream cake…??!! Yummmmmy. The inauguration was so emotional for me, too..not only do i feel safer and proud again, but to think a woman made VP in my lifetime is almost more than i can stand. God bless the USA. Thanks for keeping the peace circulating. Xo

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