January 17th,2021

In the year 2005, our Peace Chick offering was this little card, with a pair of miniature sunglasses attached. It was perfect to hang on your tree if you were so inclined ( if you had a tree!).  Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., who was born on the 15th of this month. I am not going to give you a history lesson, just my take on finding the beauty in a multitude of skin tones. I am going to write the poem from our token (pictured above) so you don’t have to squint. I think maybe Martin felt this way, too, so this is my little tribute to him…


What are the shades of Peace?

Black and brown and cafe au lait,

White and yellow and peach sorbet

The colors of skin tones kissed by the sun

Living harmoniously—- everyone.

You May say that we are dreamers,

We are not the only ones

From Buddha to the Beatles

Through the caveman and the Huns,

Peace has been sought after

Though it’s been rarely won.

We need to keep on waging it,

It’s good for Everyone!

Perhaps it’s on the horizon

So keep these “shades” in case…

Peace is gonna light up the world

And shine on every face!

(* the word “shades” refers to the sunglasses that were attached to the poem)

Happy Birthday, Dr. King. I wish we had a little more progress to offer on your special day. We’ll keep working at it!

Peace, my friends…Love, Patty ✌️??❤️?

Shades of Peace

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3 thoughts on “Shades of Peace

  1. I’m afraid Dr. King would be very disappointed in the behavior we have seen this past year and in how the incoming administration has been so focused on skin color. Like Dr King, “I Look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” F

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