January 12,2021

Are you listening to a lot of news?  Can hardly stand to watch? But you can’t stay away?You want to know what’s going on!  I hear ya! But, really, to be sane and maintain our mental health, we all need to take a break. I may have just the thing for you!

Almost twenty years ago, Jackie and I went to Omega, in Rhinebeck, New York. I took a belly-dancing course and Jackie did the R&R program. It was a great experience!! In the belly-dancing group, the women ranged in age between 17 and 79 and all of them could move! Besides dancing, there were some quiet sharing sessions. One woman, Nan Merrill, talked about losing her husband and needing to find new purpose in her life. She had helped to form a group of people who created a little newspaper of sorts. It was a collection of short quotes or excerpts from other materials that had to do with finding peace or solace, comfort, inspiration, gratitude, etc.

I kept this information in my head and a few years ago, I looked it up and started subscribing to the newsletter. It’s free! But, if you like it, you can always send a small donation. I liked it so much, I have ordered it for some of my friends. You can also ask to have it sent online! It’s so nice to get in the mail…and take some time to read quietly and think.

Right about now, sitting quietly to read and ponder sounds like a nice thing to do for myself. If you’d like to check it out, the information you need is in the photos above.

That’s all I have for today.. may a bit of silence be your friend…

Ciao! ✌️?

p.s. Nan Merrill also wrote a book: Psalms for Praying ,available from Continuum Publishing Company, New York.

Friends of Silence

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