January 10, 2021


I started college in 1966 in a Catholic girls’ school in New Jersey. Our dorm shows always ended with some sort of peace song popular back then. We also sang this one in church sometimes:

”Let peace begin with me…let this be the moment now…”

And here we are today. We could be singing the same song! In 2010, the Peace Chick token was a mirror that you could hang.  You can see it pictured above, with its tag. I usually write a little jingle to go along with our “ gift.” (Maybe you can enlarge it to read the words?)

This week there has been a lot of finger pointing. And I’m sure it will be months before we know the truth about what happened in Washington, DC on Wednesday. We may never know the whole truth! So what do we do, as citizens, just regular people…to help the situation along? How do we manage peacefully? How do we stop trying to assign blame and take some personal responsibility for creating peace?

I’ll tell you what I did this week. I wrote to my congressmen and senators to register my opinion about what’s going on…what I think they should do. (It’s easy to email!) I also voted in all the recent elections. I watch the news and try to keep up with things. It doesn’t always make me comfortable. I talk to my friends, and try to find common ground if we don’t agree. This can be uncomfortable, too!

I take it seriously when I sing, “Let Peace begin with me…” We can speak our mind and let our voices be heard, and we can do it all peacefully!

May you find Peace here and there along the way! Ciao for now…Patty✌️??

Let Peace Begin with Me

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One thought on “Let Peace Begin with Me

  1. I love that song, and i agree…peace starts with me. I have to be the change i wwnt to see in the world. I am keeping abreast of events nut in very small doses. I make sure to spend some time outside breathing in fresh air and meditate whenever i can with soft music and lights. A little goes a long way in changing my attitude and letting me vibrate at a higher level. I don’t want to engage in the negative…even with friends. Aromatherapy works wonders, too!

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