January 9th, 2021

WOW!! What a week! Since I do not intend to discuss politics here, suffice it to say that I am sad this week for my country, a little anxious for our new leaders, but remain hopeful for the future!

So what do I do when I need to feel better?? I peruse new recipes!! Perhaps it is part of my heritage. I am half Irish/half Italian. This gives me a good sense of humor and  I tend to want to celebrate with food. I like to feed people. I nurture them from my kitchen.

So on Christmas morning my niece Jaclyn made monkey bread…and I’ve been wanting to try it ever since. She recommended I go to thepioneer woman.com for the recipe. Really easy…and fun to eat for breakfast or snack!

Also this week, on allrecipes.com, I found a whole bunch of Mediterranean soups! I just went on my phone, checked my email, and I had new recipes. I read them and pop the yummy sounding ones into my files. Today I made Mediterranean Cabbage Soup…delish! It called for fresh fennel, which was not available at my grocery store, so I used the celery I already had. But I still needed to replace that special flavor. Luckily, this past summer, Jackie and I harvested the flowers that appeared on our wild fennel growing in the yard. After they dried, I put them in a jar to use as a special seasoning. (Delicious on pork!) Today I used it in my soup. Adding the lemon zest as a garnish really topped it off. And don’t forget the Italian bread!! Mmmmmm…..Because it was a vegan recipe, I could share it with my neighbor. I made him feel better, too!

Okie doke, that’s all for me today.

How are YOU keeping the Peace?

Ciao for now…Patty ✌️?

Keeping the Peace

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9 thoughts on “Keeping the Peace

  1. Hi you wonderful Peace Chicks. This year you really hit the jackpot (no pun intended) with this endeavor. What a terrific way to get the message out. I’ll be movin’ it forward. Love U, Carol

  2. Peace Chicks! I am loving this site.???Thank you for sharing your contagious positivity and encouraging voice. You have brought a much needed smile to me. I will keep reading and also pass it on. Much love from Portland.

  3. Congratulations ? very impressed you did it. One of your dreams come true! Praying that all your wishes and dreams of 2021 come true as well!
    Love my tribe of peace ? chicks.

  4. Great website. We can certainly use some peace after this terrible week so thank you Peace Chicks!! The soup looks great. Luv from Cali ?

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