The Peace Chicks... Jackie and our dog, Sully, are on the left. Patty is on the right.

Twenty- five years ago, a brother-in-law dubbed us the Peace Chicks. (A story for another day) Being a Peace Chick encourages one to look on the bright side, to do some alternative thinking. It makes us feel more positive, gives us a greater degree of inner peace, and helps us spread those feelings to others.

Today, I was chatting with a good friend in far-off Indiana. We were talking about the year and how so many people were sad and depressed over the pandemic et al. She said she realized that she had become aware of giving people around her more “slack.” People needed it. She realized, too, it was a form of grace. She now thinks of 2020 as the Year of Extending Grace. What a lovely way to think of it!!  Thank you, Tara!

Peace be with you…

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