It’s been a week since the winter solstice. We’ve had an auspicious meeting up of Jupiter and Saturn.

Before that it was Hanukkah…and a few days ago, Christmas! So many celebrations of Light! So…are you feeling enlightened??

I, myself, am perhaps more hopeful than enlightened, but I have my moments! Earlier this year, after living without houseplants for 13 years, because we didn’t have any windows with proper exposure, I thought, “How about grow lights??” It worked! We have plants in our home, Including two African violets. Recently, I was able to nurture them —- with my lights and the help of miracle grow, into re-blooming! Hooray! Obviously, LIGHT is a necessary ingredient in our daily living. There are the grow lights, and the lamplight to read by, and the yarzeight candles we light to honor loved ones, the light that emanates from our TV set, the flashlights we carry to walk the dog at night. But there’s that special smile from someone you love that can light up a room! And the lightness you feel when you step over your own threshold after a long day…or the lightness in your step when you’re back on your healthy food plan and getting the proper exercise. We need all the light we can get!

At our Christmas table, I wanted to find a simple grace to start our meal. I found this anonymous quote:

                                As the sun illuminates the sun and the stars,

                                Let us illumine one another.

I find it uplifting and hopeful. 2020 was a difficult year for many of us…more darkness than usual. Let us celebrate the LIGHT, NOW, and shoo away the darkness. “Lighten up” in preparation for what’s next…

Let There Be Light

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